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Installation of Satellite Dishes Policy


The day to day management of the Trust’s properties is carried out by its Managing Agent who will work to and comply with the provisions contained in this policy.
This policy sets out the Trust’s approach to tenants’ requests to install a satellite dish at their home. The Trust will approach every request sensitively and promptly with the intention of giving permission if possible.

Tenancy Agreement

It is a condition of Selby & District Housing Trust Tenancy Agreement that tenants must not install satellite dishes without first obtaining written consent from Selby & District Housing Trust.
Section E3 of the Tenancy Agreement states that Tenants have the right to make improvements and changes to the property, but these need to be with the Trust’s permission. If permission is granted the following generic conditions apply:-

• The improvements or changes must meet the local authority’s planning or building regulations.
• The work must be carried out by a suitably qualified building contractor.
• The work must be finished within a given timescale from the date the work started.
• The Tenant must return the property to its original condition (at the Tenants expense) when they leave, if the Trust have said this in our permission.
• The Tenant must pay the Trust the reasonable cost of work the Trust may need to carry out if the work is not of the standard expected, is not safe, or contravenes any health and safety regulations.

If the tenant does not keep to the conditions attached to any written permission given, the Trust will treat this as the tenant not meeting their responsibilities under the Tenancy Agreement and under Ground 12 of Schedule 2 of the Housing Act 1988*.

Planning Permission

Under The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (as amended), there is a general permission to install dishes up to a specific size on property without the need for planning permission. This general permission depends on the house type, height of property and area and can be complicated. The local planning authority can provide more advice. As the S&DHT properties are all less than 15m high the following apply.

Houses and buildings up to 15 m high

Unless the house/building is in a designated area e.g. a conservation area, planning permission is not needed to install a dish, as long as:

• there will be no more than two dishes on the property overall. (These may be on the front or back of the building, on the roof, attached to the chimney **, or in the garden);
• any one dish should not be more than 100 cm in any linear dimension;
• where two dishes are installed, one should not be more than 100cm in any linear direction and the other is not more than 60cm in any linear direction
• the cubic capacity of the dish should not be more than 35 litres;

Any installation which does not meet all these requirements will require planning permission which must be obtained before a written application is made to the Trust to install a satellite dish.


Once it has been established through Planning that a satellite dish is allowed, the Trust will normally agree to the installation subject to the following conditions:
The tenant must apply in writing to install a satellite dish providing full details of what is proposed. Tenants must obtain consent for their proposals in writing before any works start. The Trust’s response will include any conditions or requirements that must be complied with. Failure to seek the Trust’s consent or failure to carry out work to the conditions outlined will be dealt with as a breach of the terms and condition of tenancy. If the Trust is unable to give permission the Trust will inform the tenant in writing of the reasons for refusal.

Satellite dishes should not be erected on the front elevation of a property unless it is technically necessary to do so.

** Permission will not be given to fix a dish to the roof or chimney.

* Possession action under Ground 12 can be taken when ‘any obligation of the tenancy (other than on related to the payment of rent) has been broken or not performed’.

Permission will normally be given for one dish only unless there are exceptional circumstances.

The dish must be erected by a suitably qualified or registered contractor and securely fixed. Should any damage to the structure result from the initial fixing or appear subsequently, the tenant will be liable for making good any such damage. Failure to carry out the necessary remedial works will result in the Trust undertaking the work and recharging the tenant for the cost.

The Trust may revoke permission where it is necessary to remove a satellite dish temporarily, in order to allow the Trust to carry out works including repairs, improvements or decorations, the tenant will be responsible for the costs associated with the removal and re-fixing of the Dish.

The Trust may revoke permission if the satellite dish causes interference to other residents’ televisions, radios, etc. and this fault cannot be corrected. In this case the Trust reserves the right to have the equipment removed at the tenants expense.

The Trust may also revoke permission in other circumstances where this is reasonable, for example, if there is a change in planning legislation or guidance, or if the dish becomes unsafe.

When a tenant leaves the property, and unless otherwise agreed by the Trust in writing, they are responsible for arranging and paying for the safe removal of the satellite dish and associated brackets and cables. If a satellite dish is left in situ after a tenant leaves the property, the dish may be removed by the Trust as part of the void process. The outgoing tenant will be recharged for the costs of removing the dish and making good the external structure.

N.B. The Trust will refuse permission to install a satellite dish if action is being taken for rent arrears, or indeed any breach of the Tenancy Agreement.


This policy will be monitored and updated where necessary to take account of changes in legislation and best practice. A review of the policy will be scheduled for 2 years from its initial introduction and thereafter as determined by the Board in accordance with best practice.


Any tenant that has concerns related to the Installation of Satellite Dish Policy can make a complaint as per the Trust’s complaint policy. However, it should be noted that the Trust’s complaint procedure does not require the Trust to give an explanation of a decision made in line with the Trust’s policy.